The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the third oldest university in Greece. Since 1920, it has been making valuable contributions to Greek and European agricultural and economic development, by conducting basic and applied research in the agricultural sciences, and by producing high quality graduates as well as cutting edge scientific knowledge.

The University is situated on a 25-hectare green campus that straddles both sides of the historic Iera Odos (the Sacred Way of antiquity), close to the Acropolis, at the heart of the ancient Olive Grove. Its sixteen buildings comprise: auditoriums, 41 fully equipped laboratories, a modern library, computer rooms, extensive agricultural facilities (an arboretum, vineyard, experimental fields, flower garden, greenhouses, cowshed, sheep pen, chicken coop, dairy installations, aquaculture tanks), museums, student center, indoor gym, and sports fields. In these idyllic surroundings, students are taught the principles of Agricultural Science over the course of ten semesters.

AUA has seven departments:

*       Crop Science

*       Animal Science and Aquaculture

*       Agricultural Biotechnology

*       Agricultural Economics & Rural Development

*       Food Science & Technology

*       Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering

*       General Sciences

The first six confer Bachelor’s Degrees in Agriculture in their corresponding fields. Instruction during the first nine semesters includes lectures, laboratory work and field trips, while the tenth is devoted to completion of a graduate thesis. The undergraduate curriculum is structured as a common core program for all departments in the first six semesters, with specialized department programs for the remaining semesters. Four months of practical training are required to ensure familiarization with current developments.

This formal learning and practical training has been and remains embedded within groundbreaking research addressing major challenges facing Greece and Europe in the twenty-first century. In the past century, academic staff and graduate students firmly established Greece as an equal EU partner by fostering: the distribution of arable land to landless farmers; refugee resettlement after the tragic events in Asia Minor; eradication of hunger in Greece by remarkably increasing farm production; initiation of export of quality agricultural products. As of the turn of the century, AUA continues to act as valued advisor to the Greek State and other national organizations, as well as to the European Commission and other European and UN Agencies on agricultural issues, and to conduct a wide array of advent-garde rural development projects. AUA contributions address a wide range of issues related to diet and environmental protection significantly affecting the daily lives of Greek and Europeans citizens: food quality and safety, water resource conservation, biological farming, alternative energy sources, biotechnological applications in agriculture.

A proud progeny of Greek scientific traditions, in the future as at present and in the past, by tackling challenges of the times head on, the Agricultural University of Athens will remain a bright beacon of knowledge and progress in the earth and environmental sciences.

Iera Odos 75, 11855 Athens, Greece

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