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Student Exchange Programs


Wewelcome students from all over Europe - 28 member-states of the European Union,states which are members of the European Economic Arena (Iceland, Lichtensteinand Norway), as well as Turkey and Croatia - to spend an up to 12 months’period of studying at the Agricultural University of Athens.

Duringtheir stay, students are given the opportunity to carry out a part of theirstudies, including courses, their graduate thesis and practical training.

To study at the Agricultural University of Athensunder Erasmus, you must:

  • Be studying at a University that has established an Erasmus Bilateral Agreement with the Agricultural University of Athens - check our Erasmus partnerships’ list. Please note you can only study the subject given in the list (e.g. 081 Agriculture).
  • Be in the second year of your studies (if undergraduate) and have passed most classes you have taken at your home university in the first year.


The Agricultural Universityof Athens has 2 Schools and 6 Departments.

For more information pleasecheck the Departments’ Websites through http://www.aua.gr/.  Each department offers a numberof courses taught in English for Incoming Erasmus students.
Please choose your courses following the links listed below.
There you can find information on the course content, ECTS credits, semesteretc.

School of Agriculture,Engineering and Environmental Sciences

School of Food, Biotechnologyand Development

Note that “Greek as aForeign Language” (2 ECTS credits) and “English for Academic Purposes inAgriculturally Related Topics” (2 ECTS credits) are offered for free from theForeign Language Centre of the University and you are welcome to attend them.


In AUA, the Grading scaleis 0-10 for all types of evaluations/examinations. Passing grade is 5 (five)& the highest grade is 10 (ten)

A: 9 – 10       EXCELLENT - outstandingperformance with only minor errors

B: 8             VERYGOOD - above the average standard but with some errors

C: 7             GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notableerrors

D: 6             SATISFACTORY - fair butwith significant shortcomings

E: 5              SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria

Fx: 3-4         FAIL - some more workrequired before the credit can be awarded

F: 1-2                    FAIL - considerablefurther work is required

A Transcript of Recordswill be issued by AUA and sent to yourHome University no later than five weeksafter the assessment period has finished.


Youmust submit to the European Programmes’ Office by email the followingdocuments:

  • Application Form
  • Learning Agreement – note that any changes to the mobility study programme should be exceptional. Any party can request changes within the first two to five-week period after the beginning of the semester. A total of 30 or 60 ECTS credits is recommended to be achieved for a semester or a year of studies, respectively.
  • Transcript of Records (officially translated in English).
  • Official Erasmus Nomination Letter or email by the Home University.
  • Proof of Health Insurance (European Health Insurance Card or other private scheme).
  • Official proof of knowledge of the English language. Note that a minimum of level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is absolutely necessary
  • Passport-size photo (at least 360x360 pixels, in .jpg format, not larger than 2 Mbytes)

As soon as your application is approved, itwill be returned by email to your Home University together withan acceptance letter.

You have to register to AUA during the OrientationDay that is organized one or two days before the beginning of each semester. A Registration Form completed in black on acomputer, your passport (or ID) and two passport-size photos will be needed foryour registration.


The Agricultural Universityof Athens is awarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Thus, evenif you are a student of a University not included in the Erasmuspartnerships’ list you can be placed and work at one of theDepartmental Laboratories for a period of 2 to 12 months.

You must first e-mail us at european_pr@aua.gr inorder to check availability in Labs according to your scientific area ofinterest. If you are accepted by a teaching staff member, then a TrainingAgreement and Quality Commitment is concluded in cooperation with yourSupervisor in AUA.

Then you must submit to the European Programmes’ Office the following documents:

  • Application Form  plus 3 passport-size photos.
  • Training Agreement and Quality Commitment – note that any necessary changes can be done within 30 days after your registration date
  • Transcript of Records (officially translated in English)
  • Erasmus Nomination Letter by the Home University
  • Proof of Health Insurance (European Health Insurance Card or other private scheme)
  • Proof of Private insurance for personal accident and public liability
  • Official proof of knowledge of the English language


Candidatesfor studies or for placement are kindly asked to submit the above documents byregular post to the European Programmes’ Office with respect to the followingdeadlines:

·       the25th of June (for Autumn Semester)

·       the25th of November (for Spring Semester)

For detailed informationabout University facilities, transportation, accommodation, medical servicesand generally student life in Athens,please read the Erasmus Student Welcome Guide


Fall Semester


Orientation Day & Registration: 30 September 2014

Beginning of courses: 01 October 2014

End of courses: 19 December 2014

Christmas Holidays: 22 December 2014-06 January 2015

Continuation of courses: 07 January 2015

End of courses: 16 January 2015

Examination period:

Beginning: 17 January 2015

End: 13 February 2015


Spring Semester

Orientation Day & Registration: 13 February 2015

Beginning of courses: 16 February 2015

End of courses: 03 April 2015

Easter Holidays: 06 April 2015-17 April 2015

Continuation of courses: 20 April 2015

End of courses: 29 May 2015

Examination period:

Beginning: 02 June 2015

End: 30 June 2015



Students who have been accepted to carry out theirstudies or placement for one or more semesters as Erasmus students should holdthe European Health Insurance Card or other private scheme. Cards are issued bythe student’s national health insurance provider. Formore information about the EHIC, please visit the official website of EuropeanCommission at http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559.


Students who have been accepted to carry out their placement for one ormore semesters as Erasmus students should additionally be  covered by accident insurance (covering atleast damages caused to the student at the workplace) and by  liability insurance (covering damages causedby the student at the workplace) for the whole period of their stay in AUA.

The European Programmes’ Office personnel provideextra help upon request; however, students not insured as described abovecannot be enrolled in AUA.




Issuing of visa is the student’s responsibility. Prospective incomingstudents can find all relevant information on the official website of the GreekMinistry of Foreign Affairs at http://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/.

The European Programmes’ Office personnel provide the student withacceptance letter on the condition that the submitted student’s applicationfulfils the requirements of AUA.


Accommodation is the student’s responsibility.Unfortunately, the AgriculturalUniversity of Athens does not have students’ hall of residence. However, theEuropean Programmes’ Office provides incoming Erasmus students with a list ofaccommodation options (private owned flats/rooms furnished or not, sometimesshared) upon request. ESN-AUA buddies help solve the problem of accommodationwhenever possible. Depending on the size of the flat and the location in thecity, prices might range from 300-400 Euros (per flat) or about 200-250 Euros(per room in the house) per month. Generally, all charges are included in therent of the house.



Erasmus students fromnon-E.U. countries are advised to contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate intheir country for entrance regulations prior to their departure and then applyfor a three-month student visa to Greece.

Those who will be staying in Greece for more than 3 months, according to Greeknational law, must present themselves to the General Secretariat of Population& Social Cohesion of their residence area (Diefthinsi Allodapon &Metanastefsis, Salaminias 2 & Petrou Ralli, 11855 Athens, Monday-Thursday09:00-14:00) and apply for a Residence Permit.

Erasmus students will needto have in hand the following documents:

§   Residence Permit Application Form in two copies completed according to the instructions.

·       Three (3) passport-size photos (both print outs and jpg format).

·       Erasmus Certification by the Sending University (proving your Erasmus status and stating the amount of your monthly scholarship).

·       ErasmusNomination Letter and Erasmus Enrolment Letter (issued by the EuropeanProgrammes’ Office of the Agricultural University of Athens).

·       One copy ofHealth Insurance Contract (translated in Greek), covering costs of hospitaltreatment and medical care.

·       One copy of avalid passport or other kind of travel document, duly stamped.

·       One copy ofyour Visa.

·       A special feepaid to the relevant General Secretariat of Population & Social Cohesion.

·       A Health Certificate issued by a Greek national hospital (“Agia Eleni” Hospital, 21 Soutsou street, “Ampelokipi”Metro station).


ESN AUA Athens is anon-profit, non-political student organization that was created by formeroutgoing Erasmus students of the Agricultural University of Athens workingvoluntarily. Everything is done under the principle of “Students HelpingStudents” which is the main principle of the International Erasmus Student Network.

The mission of this newlyfounded society is to build an Erasmus friendly environment in order to improveand foster student mobility in the Agricultural University of Athens.

Its actions include:

  • Welcoming and picking up incoming students from the airport upon request
  • Helping them arrange all the details of living and studying in Athens
  • Organizing an orientation day in A.U.A
  • Providing guidance and help to incoming students, concerning academic matters in AUA
  • Working together with the European Programmes’ Office, in order to facilitate the transition of foreign student to our University
  • Organizing events for the social integration of international Students
  • Promoting the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme to prospective incoming and outgoing students

For more information about ESN AUA Athens, please sendan email to aua.esn@gmail.com.


Erasmus Institutional Coordinator

Professor Epaminondas Paplomatas, Vice Rector ofAcademic Affairs and Personnel (Rectory, Central Building, 1stfloor)

Tel: +30 210 5294802, e-mail: vr2@aua.gr

Department of Crop Science

Departmental Coordinator: Prof. Passam Harold (Building No 3, 2nd floor)

Tel:  +30210 529 4535, e-mail: passam@aua.gr

Deputy Departmental Coordinator: Prof. Pinelopi Bebeli (BuildingNo 3, 1st floor)

Tel: +30 210 529 4622, e-mail: bebeli@aua.gr

Department of Animal Science & Aquaculture

Departmental Coordinator: Assistant Prof. HagerAriadni (Building No 10, 2ndfloor) 

Tel: +30 210 5294446, e-mail: a.hager@aua.gr

Deputy Departmental Coordinator: AssistantProfessor Mountzouris Konstantinos (BuildingNo 10, 1st floor)

Tel: +30 210 529 4422, e-mail: kmountzouris@aua.gr

Department of Natural Resources Management & AgriculturalEngineering

Departmental Coordinator: Prof. Briassoulis Dimitrios (BuildingNo 16, 1st floor)

Tel: +30 210 529 4011, e-mail: briassou@aua.gr

Deputy Departmental Coordinator: Prof. KerkidisPetros (Building No 16, 1stfloor)

Tel: +30 210 529 4066, e-mail: lhyd2kep@aua.gr

Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition

Departmental Coordinator: Associate Prof.Drossinos Eleftherios

Tel: +30 210 529 4713, e-mail: ehd@aua.gr  (BuildingNo 13, ground floor)

Deputy Departmental Coordinator: Assist. Prof.Kapsokefalou Maria (Building No 13,ground floor)

Tel: +30 210 529 4708, e-mail: kapsok@aua.gr

Department of Biotechnology

Departmental Coordinator: Assistant Professor Stamatis Rigas

Tel: +30 210 5294210, e-mail: srigas@aua.gr (BuildingNo 13, 2nd floor)

DeputyDepartmental Coordinator: Assistant Professor Eleni Douni

Tel: +30 210 4372, e-mail: douni@aua.gr(BuildingNo 13, 2nd floor)

Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development

Departmental Coordinator: Associate Prof.Koutsouris Alexandros

Tel: +30 210 529 4721, e-mail: koutsouris@aua.gr(Building No 7, ground floor)

Deputy Departmental Coordinator: Associate Prof.Rozakis Stylianos

Tel: +30 210 5294735, e-mail: s.rozakis@aua.gr (Building No 8, 1stFloor)



Ms. Thania Anastopoulou, European CooperationCoordinator

Tel. +30 210 529 4819, e-mail: european_pr@aua.gr


AgriculturalUniversity of Athens
European Programmes’ Office
75, Iera Odos str.,
118 55 Athens

Findus at the ground floor of the Central Building (No 1, corridorof Laboratory of Agronomy)

OPENING HOURS: Monday,Wednesday and Thursday 10 am to 12 am


Organizationof studies at the Agricultural University of Athens is very flexible forErasmus people. The choices of class are satisfying and the relationship withteachers is excellent.

Baptiste L. (France)

Afull academic life that combines in a manner realistic and actual the science,culture and research.

Ioana-DanielaB. (Romania)

My Erasmus experience at the AgriculturalUniversity of Athens has stretched my mind in new directions. I was pleasantlysurprised by the academic level.
Filip K. (Czech Republic)

The Agricultural University ofAthens offered me various types of courses, professors were very helpful andreliable and they impressed me with their way of thinking about life.
Deja M. (Slovenia)

Through Erasmus, I changed someways of my thinking and I started feeling as a European citizen. Europe is notso huge anymore because I have colleagues in Spain, Italy, Germany,Finland…These countries are now very close to my Poland.
Mateusz C. (Poland)

I will advise people from myUniversity to participate in the Erasmus programme, especially to go to a countrywhich is different to ours, like Greece, so that they learn about a culturewhich is worth finding out about.
Ewelina R. (Poland)

Students and professors arefriendly and more open to each other than in my country. The courses wereinteresting and I enjoyed learning here.
Magdalena B. (Germany)

The academic level in theAgricultural University of Athens is very good because lecturers seem to beexperts in their field of knowledge. I am very happy I had the opportunity tosee how organization of studies works in another University.
Martyna S. (Poland)

My laboratory work has been very productive and I have gotthe most out of it!
Carmen Priscila C.R. (Spain)

Iera Odos 75, 11855 Athens, Greece

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