Research Papers

  • Exploitation of Artemisia arborescens L. as a renewable source of chamazulene: Seasonal variation and distillation conditionality
    E.C. Michelakis, E. Evergetis, S. D. Koulocheri, S. A. Haroutounian
    Natural Products Communication 2016, in press
  • Essential oils from Elaeoselinum asclepium: chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties
    M Bouchekrit, H Laouer, M Hajji, M Nasri, SA Haroutounian, S Akkal
    Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine 2016, 6(10), 851–857
  • Seasonal variation and bioactivity of the essential oils of two Juniperus species against Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse 1894)
    E. Evergetis, A. Michaelakis, D.P. Papachristos, E. Badieritakis, V.N. Kapsaski-Kanelli, S.A. Haroutounian
    Paracitology Research 2016, 115(6), 2175–2183
  • REEs minimal harvest year variation facilitates robust geographical origin discrimination: The case of PDO Fava Santorinis
    S.A. Drivelos, G.P. Danezis, S.A. Haroutounian, C.A. Georgiou
    Food Chemistry 2016, 213, 238–245
  • The Umbelliferae(Apiaceae) of Dioscorides annotated in codex Neapolitanus Graecus #1
    E. Evergetis, S.A.Haroutounian
    Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2015, 175, 549–566
  • Polyphenolic composition of grape stem extracts affects antioxidant activity in endothelial and muscle cells
    N. Goutzourelas, D. Stagos, Y. Spanidis, M. Liosi, A. Apostolou, S. Prifitis, S.A. Haroutounian, D.A. Spandidos, A.M. Tsatsakis, D. Kouretas
    Molecular Medicine Reports 2015, 12(4), 5846–5856
  • Novel Conformationally Constrained Pyrazole Derivatives as Potential Anti-Cancer Agents
    K.M. Kasiotis, E.N. Tzanetou, D. Stagos, N. Fokialakis, E. Koutsotheodorou, D.Kouretas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung B 2015, 70(9), 677–690
  • Microbiological spoilage and volatiles production of gutted European sea bass stored under air and commercial modified atmosphere package at 2oC
    F.F. Parlapani, S.A. Haroutounian, G-J. Nychas, I.S. Boziaris
    Food Microbiology 2015, 50, 44–53
  • Effect of wine training system on the phenolic composition of red grapes (Vitis Vinifera L. Cv. Xinomavro)
    M. Kyraleou, S. Kallithraka, S. Koundouras, K. Chira, S. Haroutounian, H. Spinthiropoulou and Y. Kotseridis
    Journal of International Science Vigne Vin 2015, 49, 71–84
  • Succession of Pseudomonas biota and ‘volatilome’ associated to gutted sea bream spoilage at 2oC
    F.F. Parlapani, G.I. Verdos, S.A. Haroutounian, I.S. Boziaris
    Food Control 2015 55, 257–265
  • Exploitation of Apiaceae Family plants as valuable renewable source of essential oils containing crops for the production of fine chemicals, part II
    E. Evergetis, S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian
    Industrial Crops and Products 2015, 64, 59–67
  • Antiangiogenic potential of grape stem extract through inhibition of VEGF expression
    D. Stagos, A. Apostolou, E. Poulios, E. Kermeliotou, A. Mpatzilioti, K. Kreatsouli, S. D. Koulocheri, S. A. Haroutounian, D. Kouretas
    Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 2014, 66, 843–852
  • Pomegranate juice consumption increases GSH levels and reduces lipid and protein oxidation in human blood
    C.M. Matthaiou, N. Goutzourelas, E. Sarafoglou, D. Stagos, S.D. Koulocheri, S. A. Haroutounian, D. Kouretas
    Food and Chemical Toxicology 2014, 73, 1–6
  • Inhibitory activity of grape stem extracts against breast, colon, renal and thyroid cancers cells growth
    G. D. Geromichalos, D. Sahpazidou, D. Stagos, A. Apostolou, S. A. Haroutounian, G. Tzanakakis, A. Tsatsakis, W. Hayes, D. Kouretas
    Toxicology Letters 2014 230, 218–224
  • Quest for chemical spoilage indices: volatiles production during microbiological spoilage of sea bream fillets
    F. F. Parlapani, A.Mallouchos, S.A. Haroutounian, I.S. Boziaris
    International Journal of Food Microbiology 2014, 189, 153–163
  • A Fast Entry to Furanoditerpenoid-Based Hedgehog Signaling Inhibitors: Identifying Essential Structural Features
    M. Chatzopoulou, A. Antoniou, E. Pitsinos, M. Bantzi, S. Koulocheri, S. Haroutounian, A. Giannis
    Organic Letters 2014, 16, 3344–3347
  • Determination of mycotoxins in feedstuffs and ruminant’s milk using an easy and simple LC-MS/MS multiresidue method
    C. Anagnostopoulos, E. Tsiplakou, K. Liapis, S.A. Haroutounian, G. Zervas
    Talanta 2014, 130, 8–19
  • Data fusion for food authentication; Combining rare earth elements and trace metal to discriminate PDO ” Fava Santorinis” from other yellow split peas using chemometric tools
    S.A. Drivelos, K. Higgins, J.H. Kalivas, S.A. Haroutounian, C.A. Georgiou,
    Food Chemistry 2014, 165, 316–322
  • Synthesis of Novel Isoxazoles: Their Antiproliferative Activities and QSAR Studies
    E. Tzanetou, S. Liekens, K. M. Kasiotis, G. Melagraki, A. Afantitis, N. Fokialakis, S. A. Haroutounian
    European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2014, 81, 139–149
  • Biochemical and biological assessment of the inhibitory potency of extracts from vinification
    byproducts of Vitis vinifera against glycogen phosphorylase
    A.L. Kantsadi, A. Apostolou, S. Theofanous, G. Stravodimos, E. Kyriakis, V.A. Gorgogietas, D.S.M. Chatzileontiadou, K. Pegiou, V.T. Skamnaki, D. Stagos, D. Kouretas, A.-M.G. Psarra, S.A. Haroutounian, D.D. Leonidas
    Food and Chemical Toxicology 2014, 67, 35–43
  • Oleuropein as a bioactive constituent added in milk and yogurt
    E. Zoidou, Ρ. Magiatis, E. Meliou, Μ. Constantinou, S.A. Haroutounian, Α-L. Skaltsounis
    Food Chemistry 2014, 158, 319–324
  • Exploitation of Apiaceae Family Plants as a Valuable Renewable Source of Essential Oils Containing Crops for the Production of Fine Chemicals
    E. Evergetis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Industrial Crops and Products 2014, 54, 70–77
  • Development of an Easy Mutliresidue Method for Fat Soluble Pesticides in Animal products using Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
    C.J. Anagnostopoulos, P. Aplada-Sarli, K. Liapis, S.A Haroutounian, G.E. Miliadis,
    Food Analytical Methods 2014, 7, 205–216
  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel tamoxifen analogues
    M.S. Christodoulou, N. Fokialakis, D. Passarella, A. N. Garcia Argaez, L. Dalla Via, O. M. Gia, I. Pongratz, S. A. Haroutounian
    Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry 2013, 21, 4120–4131
  • Insecticidal efficacy of the silica gel with Juniperus oxycedrus L. ssp. oxycedrus essential oil against Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val
    C. G. Athanassiou, N. G. Kavallieratos, E. Evergetis, A-M. Katsoula, S. A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Economic Entomology 2013, 106, 1902–1910
  • Assessment of polyphenolic content, antioxidant activity, protection against ROS-induced DNA damage and anticancer activity of Vitis vinifera stem extracts
    A. Apostolou, D. Stagos, E. Galitsiou, A. Spyrou, S. Haroutounian, N. Portesis, Ι. Trizoglou, A. Wallace Hayes, D. Kouretas
    Food and Chemical Toxicology 2013, 61, 60–68
  • Simultaneous determination of different classes of plant growth regulator in high water content agricultural products by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry and time of flight mass spectrometry
    C.J. Anagnostopoulos, K. Liapis, S.A. Haroutounian, E. Paspatis
    Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies 2013, 36, 315–335
  • Exploitation of Apiaceae family essential oils as potent biopesticides and rich source of phellandrenes
    E. Evergetis, A. Michaelakis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Industrial Crops and Products 2013, 41, 365–370
  • Chemical and Biological Study of Essential Oils of Two Populations of Algerian Daucus setifolius Desf.
    H. Laouer, A. Bouheda, S.A. Haroutounian, E. Evergetis, M. Bouchekrita, N. Boulachaaba, S. Akkal
    Pharmacognosie Communications 2013, 3, 7–11
  • Novel Synthetic Pyrazoles: Evaluation of Antiangiogenic and Antiproliferative Activity
    E. Tzanetou, S. Liekens, K.M. Kasiotis , S.A. Haroutounian
    Archive der Pharmazie 2012, 345, 804–811
  • Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation of novel pyrazole derivatives as potential antitumor agents
    M.S. Christodoulou, N. Fokialakis, S. Nam, R. Jove, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Medicinal Chemistry 2012, 8, 779–788
  • Validation of 2 Variations of the QuEChERS Method for the Determination of Multiclass Pesticide Residues in Cereal Based Infant Foods by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry
    C. J. Anagnostopoulos, P. Aplada Sarli, K. Liapis, S.A Haroutounian, G. E. Miliadis,
    Food Analytical Methods 2012, 5, 664–683
  • Grape stem extracts: Polyphenolic content and assessment of their in vitro antioxidant properties
    M. Anastasiadi, H. Pratsinis, D. Kletsas, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Food Science and Technology 2012, 48, 316–322
  • LabBase: development and validation of an innovative food microbial growth responses database
    A. Psomas, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian, P. Skandamis
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2012, 85, 99–108
  • Essential oils of endemic in Greece six Juniperus taxa: Chemical composition and larvicidal activity against the West Nile virus vector Culex pipiens
    F. Vourlioti-Arapi, A. Michaelakis, E. Evergetis, G. Koliopoulos, S. A. Haroutounian
    Paracitology Research 2012, 110, 1829–1839
  • An Efficient Synthetic Route to 1,6-Dihydropyridones
    E.N. Tzanetou, K.M. Kasiotis, S.A. Haroutounian
    American Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 2, 35–38
  • Effects of Greek legume plant extracts on xanthine oxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase activities
    C.I. Spanou, A.S. Veskoukis, D. Stagos, K. Liadaki, N. Aligiannis, A. Angelis, A-L. Skaltsounis, M. Anastasiadi, S.A. Haroutounian, D. Kouretas
    Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry 2012, 68, 37–45
  • Effects of grape extracts on the in vitro activity of enzymes involved in oxidative stress regulation
    C. Spanou, A.S. Veskoukis, D. Stagos, K. Liadaki, M. Anastasiadi, M. Tsouka, E. Tzanakouli, S.A. Haroutounian, D. Kouretas
    In Vivo 2011, 25, 657–662
  • Development and validation of a tertiary simulation model for predicting the growth of the food microorganisms under dynamic and static temperature conditions
    A. Psomas, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian, P. Skandamis
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 2011, 76,119–129
  • Effect of Satureja thymbra essential oil on growth-no growth interfaces of Listeria monocytogenes Scott A and Salmonella Enteritidis PT4, at various temperatures, pH, and water activities
    I. S. Βoziaris, N.G. Chorianopoulos, S. A. Haroutounian, G.-J. Nychas
    Journal of Food Protection 2011, 74, 45–54
  • Novel Pyrazole Derivatives: Synthesis and Evaluation of Anti-angiogenic Activity
    M. S. Christodoulou, S. Liekens, K.M. Kasiotis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry 2010, 18, 4338–4350
  • Validation of the QuEChERS method for the determination of 25 priority pesticide residues in cereal based baby foods by gas chromatography with electron capture and nitrogen phosphorous
    C. J. Anagnostopoulos, P. Aplada Sarli, G.E. Miliadis, S.A Haroutounian
    Hellenic Plant Protection Journal 2010, 3, 71–80
  • Pesticides residues in milks and feedstuff of farm animals drawn from Greece
    E. Tsiplakou, C. J. Anagnostopoulos, K. Liapis, S.A Haroutounian, G. Zervas
    Chemosphere 2010, 80, 504–512
  • Determination of Biologically Interesting Polyphenols in Grapes, Wines and Vinification Byproducts of Greek Origin: Assessment of their in vitro Antioxidant Acitvity
    M. Anastasiadi, H. Pratsinis, D. Kletsas, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Food Research International 2010, 43, 805–813
  • 1H NMR- Based Metabonomics for the Classification of Greek Wines According to Variety, Region and Vintage. Comparison with HPLC Data.
    M. Anastasiadi, A. Zira, P. Magiatis, S.A. Haroutounian, A-L. Skaltsounis, E. Mikros
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2009, 57, 11067–11074
  • Differential Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Assessment of Estrogen Receptor Subtype-Binding Selectivity and Transcription-regulating Properties of New Cycloalkyl Pyrazoles
    X. Alexi, K.M. Kasiotis, N. Fokialakis, G. Lambrinidis, A.K. Meligova, E. Mikros, S.A. Haroutounian, M.N. Alexis
    Journal of Steroid Biochemistry Chemical Biology 2009, 117(4-5), 159–167
  • Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of essential oils from six Apiacae family taxa against West Nile virus vector Culex pipiens
    E. Evergetis, A. Michaelakis, E. Kioulos, G. Koliopoulos, S.A. Haroutounian
    Paracitology Research 2009, 100, 117–124
  • Antilisterial Activities of Polyphenol-Rich Extracts of Grapes and Vinification Byproducts
    M. Anastasiadi, N.G. Chorianopoulos, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2009, 57, 457–463
  • PIFA-mediated synthesis of novel pyrazolquinolin-4-ones as potential ligands for the estrogen receptor
    M.S. Christodoulou, K.M. Kasiotis, N. Fokialakis, I. Tellitu, S.A. Haroutounian
    Tetrahedron Letters 2008, 49, 7100–7102
  • Headspace solid phase micro extraction gas chromatographic determinationof fenthion in human serum
    K.M. Kasiotis, H. Souki, A.N. Tsakirakis, H. Carageorgiou, S.A. Theotokatos, S.A. Haroutounian, K. Machera
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2008, 9, 906–913
  • Disinfectant tests against monoculture and mixed-culture biofilms composed of technological, spoilage and pathogenic bacteria: bactericidal effect of essential oil and hydrosol of Satureja thymbra and comparison with standard acid-base sanitizers
    N. G. Chorianopoulos, E.D. Giaouris, P. N. Skandamis, S. A. Haroutounian, G-J. Nychas
    Journal of Applied Microbiology 2008, 104, 1586–1596
  • A standard addition method to assay the concentration of biologically interesting polyphenols in grape berries by reversed-phase HPLC
    A-V. Sakkiadi, C.A. Georgiou, S.A. Haroutounian
    Molecules 2007, 12, 2259–2269
  • Synthesis of Novel Nitrosubstituted Triaryl Pyrazole Derivatives as Potential Ligands for the Estrogen Receptor
    F. Naoum, K.M. Kasiotis, P. Magiatis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Molecules 2007, 12, 1259–1273
  • Synthesis of (R)-Dihydropyridones as Key Intermediates for the Efficient Access to Piperidine Alkaloids
    E. Tzanetou, K.M. Kasiotis, P. Magiatis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Molecules 2007, 12, 735–744
  • Essential Oils from Forty-Nine Plants of Greek Biodiversity: Correlation between Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activities against Foodborne Pathogens
    N.G. Chorianopoulos, E.T. Evergetis, N. Aligiannis, S. Mitakou, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Natural Product Communications 2007, 2, 419–426
  • Inhibition of ozone-induced SP-A oxidation by plant polyphenols
    D. Stagos, T.M. Umstead, D.S. Phelps, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian, J. Floros, D. Kouretas
    Free Radical Research 2007, 41, 357–366
  • Characterization of the Essential Oil Volatiles of Staureja thymbra and Satureja parnassica: Influence of Harvesting Time and Antimicrobial Activity
    N. Chorianopoulos, E. Evergetis, A. Mallouchos, Kalpoutzakis, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2006, 54, 3139–3145
  • Synthesis of Novel Conformationally Constraned Pyrazolo[4,3-c]quinoline Derivatives as Potential Ligands for the Estrogen Receptor
    K.M. Kasiotis, N. Fokialakis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Synthesis 2006, 1791–1802
  • A newly developed assay to study the minimum inhibitory concentration of Satureja
    spinosa essential oil
    N. Chorianopoulos, E. Evergatis, P. Skandamis, S.A. Haroutounian, G-J. Nychas
    Journal of Applied Microbiology 2006, 100, 778–786
  • High affinity 17a-substituted estradiol derivatives: Synthesis and evaluation of estrogen receptor agonist activity.
    K.M. Kasiotis, Ch. Mendorou, S.A. Haroutounian, M.N. Alexis
    Steroids 2006, 71, 249–255
  • 2-Pyridin-2-yl-1H-indole derivatives: synthesis, estrogen receptor binding affinity and photophysical properties
    K.M. Kasiotis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Bioorganic Chemistry 2006, 34, 1–14
  • Essential Oils of Satureja, Origanum and Thymus Species: Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activities Against Five Foodborne Pathogens
    N. Chorianopoulos, E. Kalpoutzakis, N. Aligiannis, S. Mitaku, G-J. Nychas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2004, 52, 8261–8267
  • Methanolic Extract of Verbascum Macrurum as a source of Natural Preservatives against Oxidative Rancidity
    N. Aligiannis, S. Mitaku, E. Tsitsa-Tsardis, I. Tsaknis, S. Lalas, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2003, 51, 7308–7312
  • An Expedient Asymmetric Synthesis of Calystegine B4 Analogues
    S.D. Koulocheri, M.N. Pitsinos, S.A. Haroutounian
    Synthesis 2002, 1707–1710
  • Chemical composition and in vitro antimicrobial activity of the essential oils of three Greek Achillea species
    P. Magiatis, A-L. Skaltsounis, I. Chinou, S.A. Haroutounian
    Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung C, 2002, 287–290
  • Asymmetric synthesis of (2R, 3R)-3-hydroxypipecolic acid-δ-lactam derivatives
    S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian
    Tetrahedron 2002, 38, 6665–6671
  • Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of 3-Substituted Guaiazulene Derivatives
    H. Pratsinis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Natural Product Letters 2002, 16, 201–205
  • A convenient route to alkaloid lipids: Application to the synthesis of leptophyllin A analog
    S.D. Koulocheri, M.N. Pitsinos, S.A. Haroutounian
    Synthesis 2002, 111–115
  • Asymmetric Synthesis of γ-Keto-δ-lactam Derivatives: Application to the Synthesis of a
    Conformationally Constrained Surrogate of Ala-Ser Dipeptide
    S. D. Koulocheri, P. Magiatis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Organic Chemistry 2001, 66, 7915–7918
  • Determination of principal Phenolic Phytochemicals in varietal Red Greek Wines
    A-V. Sakkiadi, M.N. Stavrakakis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Food Science and Technology 2001, 34, 410–413
  • Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Daunorubicin-Estrogen Conjugates
    K.M. Kasiotis, P. Magiatis, H. Pratsinis, A-L. Skaltsounis, V. Abadji, A. Charalambous, P. Moutsatsou, S.A. Haroutounian
    Steroids 2001, 66, 785–791
  • Volatile Secondary Metabolite Pattern of callus Cultures of Chamomilla Recutita
    P. Magiatis, A. Michaelakis, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Natural Products Letters 2001, 15, 125–130
  • Ultrasound promoted Synthesis of 2,3-bis-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-indoles as Inherently Fluorescent Ligands for the Estrogen Receptor
    S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian
    European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2001, 1723–1729
  • Stereoselective Michael Addition of Thiophenols, amino Acids and Hydrazoic Acid to (2S)-Hydroxymethyl-dihydropyridone as a Convenient route to Novel Azasugar Derivatives
    S.D. Koulocheri, P. Magiatis, A-L. Skaltsounis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Tetrahedron 2000, 56, 6135–6141
  • Asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-prosophylline
    S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian
    Tetrahedron Letters 1999, 40, 6869–6870
  • Transformation of D-Glucal to (2S)-Hydroxymethyl-dihydropyridones as Intermediates to Piperidine Alkaloids
    S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian
    Synthesis 1999, 1889–1892
  • 1,4-Reductive Addition of Hydrazoic Acid and γ-Oxo-to α,β-unsaturated δ-Lactones and Lactams: A Convenient Route to α-Amino-γ-oxo α,β-unsaturated δ-Lactones and Lactams
    S.D. Koulocheri, S.A. Haroutounian, C.D. Apostolopoulos, E.A. Couladouros, R. Chada
    European Journal of Organic Chemistry 1999, 1449–1453
  • 1-Aryl-2-pyridyl-3,4-dihydronapthalenes: Photophluorogenic Ligands for the Estrogen receptor
    A.W. Scribner, S.A. Haroutounian, K.E. Carlson, J.A. Katzenellenbogen
    Journal of Organic Chemistry 1997, 62, 1043–1057
  • Efficient Synthesis of Aminonaphthoquinones and Azidobenzohydroquinones: Mechanistic Considerations of the Reaction of Hydrazoic Acid with Quinones. An Overview.
    E.A. Couladouros, Z.F. Plyta, S.A. Haroutounian, V.P. Papageorgiou
    Journal of Organic Chemistry 1997, 62, 6–10
  • Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry of Azinyl and Diazinyl Ethanol Derivatives
    C.D. Apostolopoulos, S.D. Koulocheri, E.A. Couladouros, S.A. Haroutounian
    European Mass Spectrometry 1996, 2, 301–304
  • Reaction of 4′-Benzyloxy-2-(4-pyridinyl)acetophenone with Ethylmagnesiumchloride: Unusual C-Benzylation and in situ Reduction via β-Hydrogen Transfer
    S.A. Haroutounian, E.A. Couladouros
    Liebigs Annalen der Chemie 1996, 1139–1141
  • A Convenient Synthesis of Functionalized 8- and 9- Aza-1-Oxaspiro[5.5]undecanes
    C.D. Apostolopoulos, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1995, 32, 1843–1845
  • Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry of (E)-Diaza-and Aza-stilbene Derivatives
    S.A. Haroutounian
    Eurοpean Mass Spectrometry 1995, 1, 395–398
  • Derivatives of 4-Styrylpyridine: Synthesis, Estrogen Receptor Binding Affinity and Photochemical Properties
    S.A. Haroutounian, A.W. Scribner, J.A. Katzenellenbogen
    Steroids 1995, 60, 636–645
  • Electron Impact Ionization Mass Spectra of 6-Carbamate-2H-pyran-3(6H)-one and 5H-pyran-[3,2-d]-oxazol-2,6-dione Derivatives
    E.A. Couladouros, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1995, 32, 579–584
  • 4-Hydroxystyryldiazines: Their Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties
    S.A. Haroutounian, J.A. Katzenellenbogen
    Tetrahedron 1995, 51, 1585–1598
  • Selenium Dioxide Mediated Cleavage of 1,3-Dithiolanes: A Convenient Method of Dedithioacetalization
    S.A. Haroutounian
    Synthesis 1995, 39–40
  • Products from Furans XXI: Synthesis of Novel Oxygen Containing Heterocyclic Isosteres of Tyrosine and Tyramine
    M.P. Georgiadis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1992, 29, 391–399
  • (RS)-2-(p-Benzyloxyphenyl)-2-methyl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydro-2H-pyran-3-one
    Z. Ciunik, M.P. Georgiadis, S.A. Haroutounian
    Acta Crystallographica 1991, C47, 2146–2148
  • Aromatic Fluorination by Silver-Ion Promoted Decomposition of Aryl DiazoSulfides: Efficient Utilization of Substoichiometric Levels of Fluoride Ion
    S.A. Haroutounian, J.P. Dizio, J.A. Katzenellenbogen
    Journal of Organic Chemistry 1991, 56, 4993–4996
  • A Convenient Synthesis of Oxaspiro[5.5]undecane Derivatives
    M.P. Georgiadis, A. Tsekouras, S.I. Kotretsou, S.A. Haroutounian, M.G. Polissiou
    Synthesis 1991, 929–932
  • Products from Furans XVI: Novel Synthetic Routes to Sympathomimetic Amine Analogues via 6-Hydroxy-2H-Pyran-3(6H)-ones
    M.P. Georgiadis, S.A. Haroutounian, E.A. Couladouros, C.D. Apostolopoulos, K.P. Chondros
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1991, 28, 697–703
  • Products from Furans XV: Synthesis of Novel Tyramine Derivatives via 6-Hydroxy-2H-Pyran-3(6H)-ones
    M.P. Georgiadis, C.D. Apostolopoulos, S.A. Haroutounian
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1991, 28, 599–604
  • A Convenient Synthesis of 5-Substituted 2-Pyrrolidinones via 2H-pyran-3(6H)-ones
    M.P. Georgiadis, S.A. Haroutounian, C.D. Apostolopoulos
    Synthesis 1991, 379–381
  • Magnesium and Calcium content of drinking water, fruit juices, salt and saffron of Greece
    P. Tarantilis, S.A. Haroutounian, M.G. Polissiou
    Trace Elements in Medicine 1990, 7, 59–60
  • Stereochemistry of the Bucherer-Bergs Reaction and a Modified Strecker Reaction on Tetrahydro-2H-pyran-3-ones
    S.A. Haroutounian, M.P. Georgiadis, M.G. Polissiou
    Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 1989, 26, 1283–1287
  • A facile and high yield synthesis of α-benzylamino nitriles by a modified Strecker reaction
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