Small sized heterocyclic molecules: Synthesis and antitumor properties
Μελέτη In Vitro της χημειοπροστατευτικής και αντί-αγγειογενετικής δράσης εκχυλίσματος από βόστρυχο ελληνικής ποικιλίας αμπέλου (Vitis Vinifera)
Microbial spoilage association and volatiles production during the storage of sea-bream fillets stored aerobically and under MAP at 0oC
Correlation of antioxidant activity with the polyphenolic content of extracts from greek grapevine products and vinification byproducts
Novel selective estrogen receptor modulators: Synthesis and biological activity evaluation
Application of adsorption resin techology and fcpc chromatography for recovery of polyphenols and stilbenoids from grape pomace
2-Dihydropyridones as Key Intermediates for the Efficient Access to Alkaloid Lipids