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Role and Contribution

The Agricultural University of Athens, (AUA) is RTD performer and project coordinator. It will contribute to the different stages of the proposed project as defined in the work programme. AUA has a wide experience in the field of renewable energy application such as photovoltaics applications for rural electrification, water pumping, refrigeration, solar heating etc. In addition it has considerable experience in solar thermal systems such as solar collectors’ applications and heat pumps as well as in desalination technologies.

R&D activities and experience

For over 20 years, the Farm Structures Laboratory of AUA is active in the field of renewable energies applications in rural areas. In the framework of these efforts, the Department has been involved in several renewable energy activities that provide it large experience.

In the proposed project the following scientists from the staff of the Dept. of Agricultural Engineering of AUA will be involved:

Prof. Spyros Kyritsis, Full professor at AUA, specialist on energy modelling and applications. He has published many papers in refereed scientific journals and proceedings of international congresses.

Theophanis Lolos, Msc. Chemical engineering, implication in more than 30 projects. Specialised on water treatment, purification and distribution. He has collaborated with Agricultural University of Athens in more than 12 research projects on Renewable an Environment.

Dr. Efstratios Soubassakis, Mechanical Engineer, specialised in thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and modelling of thermal plants.

Recent publications

D. Manolakos, G. Papadakis, D. Papantonis, S. Kyritsis "A Simulation-Optimisation Programme for Designing Hybrid Energy Systems for Supplying Electricity and Fresh Water Through Desalination to Remote Areas.

Application: The Merssini Village, Donoussa Island, Aegean Sea, Greece.

Energy 26 (2001) 679-704.


D. Manolakos, G. Papadakis, D. Papantonis, S. Kyritsis "A Stand Alone Photovoltaic Power System for Remote Villages Using Pumped Water Energy Storage”

Under publication to Energy Journal.