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Role and Contribution

The Technical University of Munich, (TUM) is RTD performer. It will contribute to the different stages of the proposed project as defined in the work programme. Use of software simulation programs for thermodynamic cycle optimization is one of the main focuses of the Lehrstuhl für Thermische Kraftanlagen (LTK), TU München, Germany. Several extended studies and software comparison has been performed during the last years on national and European level. Studies like the Cheng cycle management and the inlet air-cooling gas turbine have been simulated with different simulation programs. On the other hand decentralized power plant components like fuel cells and biomass gasifiers have been simulated and are used in the optimisation of thermodynamic cycles.


R&D activities and experience

The Chair for Thermal Power Plant Systems of the Technische Universität München aims on complete energy conversion systems. It focuses especially on three items:

Power plant processes (i.e. analysis of combined processes, Cheng Cycle, biomass fired CHP plants, measurements at heating plants and heating grids, energy management)

• Power Plant Components (i.e. steam generators, heat recovery steam generators (forced and natural circulation flow, steam turbines, leakage of labyrinth seals, stability of turborotors, self exited vibration and their minimization)

• Energy process engineering (i.e. combustion, fluidized bed systems, gasification of biomass, fuel and ash analysis, flue gas conditioning, combined electrical and bag house filters, heat transfer, condensation in the presence of non condensable gases).

One of the outstanding works of the LTK was the comparison of 16 software packets (VGB Forschungsprojekt Nr. 177) were all these packets were fully analyzed, static and dynamic and important conclusions came out. The simulation of a gasifier and a gas turbine was also a work of LTK which showed interesting results about the use of produced gas from biomass gasification.

Dr.-Mech. Ing. J. Karl , who works for research since 1992 at the LTK. He got his Ph.D. degree in 1997. Present professional position: researcher at the Chair for Thermal Power Systems, Technische Universität München. Main focuses: condensation, optical measurement methods, power plant process, fluidized bed combustion, biomass gasification

Dipl. Mech. Ing. Sotiris Karellas has simulation experience in optimizing thermodynamic cycles. With the commercial program IPSE-Pro he has programmed an evaporative and an absorption chiller model for cooling of the inlet air of a gas turbine. He has also worked on simulation for fuel cells and gasification models. He is at the moment a Phd student at the technical University of Munich.


Recent relevant publications

Schmitz, Karl, J. Hein, D, “Kreislaufrechnungen zur Stromerzeugung aus biomassestämmigem Brenngas Modellierung

- Ergebnisse - energetische Bewertung integrierter Prozesse; Fachtagung “Energetische und stoffliche Nutzung von

Abfällen und Biomassen” Velen, DGMK-Tagungsbericht 2000-1, Hamburg, 2000, S. 263 - 271