Dr. Georgia Ntatsi

Assistant Professor

Georgia Ntatsi

Assistant Professor

Laboratory of Vegetable Crops

Department of Crop Science

School of Plant Sciences

Agricultural University of Athens

Iera Odos 75

11855 Athens


E-mail: ntatsi@aua.gr

Dr. Ntatsi was awarded a Diploma in Agriculture from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), an MSc Diploma from the University of Ioannina and a Ph.D. degree from the Laboratory of Vegetable Production, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). Since the beginning of 2014 until the end of 2017 she was Post-Doctorate Researcher at the Laboratory of Vegetable Production of AUA and from 2018 to 2020 she was Junior Researcher in Vegetable Production at the Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources- ELGO-DEMETER. She is specialized on hydroponics, vegetable grafting, greenhouse environment and its impact on vegetable production and quality, greenhouse gas emissions, biological nitrogen fixation. She has extensive experience in determination of inorganic nutrients in plant tissues and soil samples and quality parameters, greenhouse gases, biological nitrogen fixation, antioxidant parameters of vegetables, molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics tools. He teaching experience is includes lectures in Universities and Technological Institutes. She has published 47 papers in refereed international scientific journals, 26 in congress proceedings (Acta Hort.), 2 as book chapters and more than 100 as abstracts in national and international conferences. She is reviewer in many scientific journals and member of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and the Greek Society for Horticultural Science (EEEO). In the last 5 years, in addition to several national research projects, Dr. Ntatsi has been involved as researcher and Project Manager in European research projects (LEGUME FUTURES, EUROLEGUME) as well as in one LEONARDO Project related to plant irrigation and hydroponics (AGRICOM) and was MC Member and Editorial Coordinator of the FA1204 COST Action. Since 2017 she is participating in two HORIZON2020 research projects, particularly TRUE as WP Leader and Project Manager on behalf of the AUA team and TOMRES as Project Manager on behalf of the AUA team

The main research interests include topics related to:

  • nutrition needs of the main vegetables under greenhouse hydroponic production
  • nutrition needs of the open field vegetables
  • equipment of hydroponic crops
  • nutrient solutions recipes for crops of tomatoes, cucumber and peppers cultivated in closed hydroponic systems.
  • evaluation of domestic volcanic materials (e.g., pumice) as substrates for hydroponic vegetable crops
  • irrigation of hydroponic vegetable crops
  • the greenhouse microclimate
  • quality characteristics of vegetables
  • nutritional value of vegetables
  • post-harvest physiology of vegetables
  • physiology of salinity, low / high temperatures, drought, atmospheric ozone, nitrogen, heavy metals and nutrients (Ca, Mn, Zn etc) stress of vegetable crops
  • vegetable grafting to ameliorate abiotic stress
  • metabolism of vegetables under abiotic stress conditions (metabolomics)
  • evaluation of local varieties of vegetables to develop new varieties for human and animal nutrition as well as their further use in genetic breeding programs
  • organic farming of vegetable crops
  • use of biostimulants (promoting growth rhizobacteria) and micro-organisms (bacillus, trichoderma) in vegetable crops to confer biotic and abiotic stress
  • classification of different Rhizobium strains with the aim of increasing biological N2-fixation ability in the agricultural ecosystems and establishment of new commercial inoculants
  • biological N2-fixation of legume vegetable
  • greenhouse gas emissions

Publications in international refereed journals with impact factor 

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Publications in international refereed journals without impact factor 

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 Publications in international conferences (full papers)

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Book Chapters

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