Anastasios Gatsios

Anastasios Gatsios

Laboratory of Vegetable Crops

Department of Crop Science

Agricultural University of Athens

Iera Odos 75, 11855 Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 210 529 4538


Mr. Anastasios Gatsios was awarded a Diploma in Agriculture from the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) in 1993. From 1995 to 2005 he worked as an agronomist providing consultancy services in the private sector and since 2005 he works in the Extension Service of the Regional Agricultural Office of Epirus in Preveza. Since the beginning of 2017 he has an internship at the Laboratory of Vegetable Production of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) as a PhD candidate under the supervision of professor Dimitrios Savvas. The title of his PhD is: «Use of legumes inoculated either with nitrogen-fixing bacteria or not, combined either with organic fertilizers or not, to improve soil fertility in organic greenhouse tomato cultivation». His research interests are focused on growing vegetables in greenhouses or outdoors, organic farming, plant protection, etc. His bachelor thesis titled “Effect of osmotic priming on germination of pepper seeds” was conducted at the Laboratory of Vegetable Production in AUA. He was a member of the Greek Scientific Panels appointed to prepare the Integrated Plant Protection Directives for greenhouse vegetables and citrus crops. He is currently a member of the TOMRES (HORIZON 2020) European research team in the Laboratory of Vegetable Production (AUA).

Publications in international refereed journals with impact factor

Publications in proceedings of international congresses and symposia

  1. Gatsios, A., Ntatsi, G., Celi, L., Tampakaki, A., Savvas, D. 2018. Assessing the possibility to use legume plants as cover crops or intercrops in organic tomato production to optimize NUE XXX International Horticultural Congress. Organic Horticulture for Wellbeing of the Environment and Population (2nd International Symposium), Istanbul, Turkey, 12-16 August 2018. Acta Horticulturae, (submitted)

Presentations in international and national congresses

1. Efthimioy K., Gatsios A., Aretakis K., Papayiannis L., Katis N. First Report of Pepino mosaic virus Infecting Greenhouse Cherry Tomatoes in Greece – APS Plant Disease Vol 95, No 1, p. 78
2. Souliotis K., N. Papanikolaou, D. Papachristos, A. Gatsios, K. Papachristos, M. Vassios, S. Zanopoulou, I. Mylonopoulos and Th. Hatzitoliou Contribution of Neodryinus yphlocybae in biological control of Metcalfa pruinosa – 12th Panhellenic Entomological Congress
3. G. Patakyoutas, P. Yfantis, D. Papachristos, A. Gatsios and G. Gizas. Recording of beneficial insects in selected olive groves in the area of Arta and Preveza. Announcement at the 13th Panhellenic Entomological Conference
4. Tsaparas A., A. Gatsios, Ch. Varveri and P. Koutretsis Detection of Citrus Tristeza Virus in ‘calamondin’ plants in a nursery unit of Preveza Prefecture and decision of eradication measures. 15th Panhellenic Phytopathological Congress

TOMRES: A novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants using tomato as a model (H2020) (EU code: 727929)