1st meeting of the

Mediterranean Legume Innovation Network (LIN)


Friday 20th April , Agricultural University of Athens

Iera Odos 75, Votanikos


Laboratory of Vegetable Production in Agricultural University of Athens, AUA is organizing a Mediterranean Workshop for Legumes under the auspices of ELIN (European Legume Innovation Network)  on Friday 20 of April, 2018 at the Conference Centre Auditorium in Agricultural University of Athens. (Iera Odos 75, Athens 11 855).

The project “TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe” is a balanced practice-research partnership of 24 institutions, which aims to identify the best routes, or “transition paths” to increase sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe.

Sophisticated status quo analysis and advanced modelling approaches combined with data generated from 24 Case Studies and transdisciplinary knowledge-exchange will lead to concrete innovations and to a final Decision Support Tool for primary producers, agronomists, processors, associated businesses and decision makers to help determine a range of options for successful transitions that include a variety of legume species and processing approaches to match the pedo-climatic zones and farm network types.

Legume Innovation Networks are being formed in three different pedoclimatic regions across Europe, which are: ‘Atlantic’, ‘Continental’ and ‘Mediterranean’.


This legume workshop hosted by AUA, aims to contribute to:


  1. information exchange about activities related to legumes for relevant networks such as producers, distributors and consumers of legumes and their derivatives.
  2.  information gathering about the needs and opportunities that this agricultural sector provides, from people who are involved in the production, distribution and cosnuming chain of the legume crops, and
  3. market extension and policy making for sectors relevant to legume crops and products that are destined for human and animal consumption.

The Mediterranean Legume Innovation Network  workshop is free to anyone interested to join and participate

Registation is required

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For more information

Giannis Panagiotakis


+30 210 5294536



Programme of the Workshop