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FruitFlyNet: A Location-aware System for Fruit Fly Monitoring and Pest Management Control.

Objectives: FruitFlyNet project aims to develop a Location Aware System (LAS) geared to prevent and reduce the environmental risk factors at the Mediterranean Sea basin level. The project contributes to the development and implementation of environmentally effective e-monitoring and ground spraying control solutions based on prototypes, technological innovations and knowledge transfer for specific key-pests in the Mediterranean, in order to increase the quality and quantity of available fruit to local consumers at lower prices. LAS is focused towards maximum pest control efficacy while maintaining low energy consumption and protecting the environment. The key points for delivering the most important and concrete outputs/results of the project, are the following:
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs): Proposing a unified WMSN reference model with the following characteristics: (1) Properly and accurately gather the multimedia sensory information; (2) Deploy a data management system within the WMSN; (3) Deploy a Decision Support System (DSS), so as to integrate Location Aware (LA) services in a ubiquitous precision farming environment by means of combining geographical data and LA modules; (4) Promote the development of an accurate, sensitive and harmonious network which can be utilized in large areas (Mediterranean basin) and major fruit crops.

  • E-Monitoring System: Establish an e-monitoring system, which will be integrated with a Real-Time Insect Counding (ReTIC) module to estimate insect populations, and support countering measures selection and alarm spraying levels.
  • Control System: Harmonize management strategies for the effective control of the examined key-species in the Mediterranean basin, as well as implement a remote decision-making monitoring network.
  • Operational pilots: Establish an operational pilot in each one of the five (5) Med-countries. Prototyping FruitFlyNet solutions in representative application scenarios applied for four key-pests (Bactrocera olae, Ragoletis Ceraci, Medfly and some Invasive species).

Support: Standard II-B/2.1/0865/ENPI CBC MED/EU.
Priority 2: Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level.
Measure 2.1: Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage.
Duration: 2014 - 2015 (24 months)
Budget: 1.662.872,32 EURO
Beneficiary: Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Greece
Partnership: ARO(Israel), NCARE(Jordan), CRA-FRU(Italy), UIB (Balearic Islands, Spain), UTH(University of Thessaly, Greece) 
Website: FruitFlyNet