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  • B.Sc in Mathematics
    Department of Mathematics
    Athens University, Hellenic Republic
    Postgraduate Studies
  • .Sc in Probability and Statistics,
    Department of Probability and Statistics,
    Manchester-Sheffield University, U.K.

M.Sc. dissertation: A Comparison of Some Modal Split Models in Transport Planning.

  • Ph.D, Telecommunications, Communications Division,
    Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,
    Strathclyde University, Scotland, U.K.

    Ph.D Thesis: Performance Aspects on Multi-Class Slotted ALOHA Schemes with Applications to Mobile Cellular Networks.

Academic Positions

  • Lecturer, 1990
  • Assistant Professor, 1993
  • Associate Professor, 1998
  • Professor, 2005

Informatics Laboratory,
Department Agricultural Economy and Development,
School of Food Science, Biotechnology and Development,
Agricultural University of Athens