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Professor T. Tsiligiridis received his B.Sc in mathematics from the University of Athens, Greece, his M.Sc in probability and statistics from the Manchester University, UK, and his Ph.D in telecommunications from the Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK. Shortly after his graduation he joined the Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistical Division of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). He worked in various public and academic posts and he coordinated many research and development projects. He actively involved in the projects RACE I/II/EC (Advanced Telecommunications), DELTA/EC (Distance Learning), and ORA/EC (Tele-services in Rural Areas). He particularly worked in the areas of mobile cellular systems (R1044/RACE I/EC; 1987), performance evaluation on LANs (RSRE/MOD; 1988), and tele-services in rural areas (R2022/RACE II/EC; 1992, DART/TAP/EC 1996). He also coordinated many activities of the GREEK PLAN/EU project for Restructuring Agricultural Surveys (Decisions: 85/360, 90/386, 92/587 of the EU Council of Ministers), as well as, the EUROFARM/EU project (1999/2000 Farm Structure Survey), under the auspice-supervision of Eurostat and the National Statistical Service of Greece. Finally, under the auspice-supervision of the European GoDigital/EU projecthe coordinated a project for introducing Internet services and e-commerce practices in around 3000 SMEs in rural areas of Greece. He has also participated in some FP7 projects related with the sensor network technologies in bio-earth environmental sector.
During last years, Prof. T. Tsiligiridis coordinated an open access e-learning project (2012-2015) for academic courses of AUA
(OpenAcademicCources). The main theme was to identify the various advantages of e-learning at AUA and to initiate a Learning Support Center (LSC), to which teachers can upload e-earning modules. Students and any interesting person have free access to course related additional learning resources. He also coordinated the FruitFlyNet project (2013-2015): 'A Location-aware System for Fruit Fly e-Monitoring and Pest Management Control'(ENPI CBC MED/II-B/2.1/0856). The aim was to develop a Location Aware System (LAS) geared to prevent and reduce the environmental risk factors at the Mediterranean Sea basin level. In particular, the FruitFlyNet is an advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, which is based on an innovative e-trap capable of semi-automatically/automatically counting each insect trapped, identifying the species and send the data wirelessly to the cloud. The system is also be able to function autonomously during the whole fruiting season, it has an operative life-time of at least one year and it can be adapted to handle other fruit flies as well. FruitFlyNet contributes to the development and implementation of environmentally effective e-monitoring and ground spraying control solutions based on prototypes, technological innovations and knowledge transfer for specific key-pests in the Mediterranean.
During this time Prof. T. Tsiligiridis coordinates the Greek participation of the "SALSA: Small farms, small food businesses and sustainable food security" project (2016-2020) - EU/HORISON 2020/GA Number: 677363/SFS-18-2015/H2020-SFS-2015-2 project. SALSA will assess the role of small farms and small food businesses in delivering a sustainable and secure supply of affordable, nutritious and culturally adequate food. It will identify the mechanisms which, at different scales, can strengthen the role of small farms in food systems and thereby support sustainable Food and Nutrition Security(FNS). By considering a gradient of 30 reference regions in Europe and in Africa, it will obtain a differentiated understanding of the role of small farms and small food businesses in very differently structured food systems and situations.
Professor Tsiligiridis has published numerous technical papers on networking and e-services on ICT and he has served on several program committees of related conferences and editorial boards. He is a member of IEEE, ACM, Mathematical Society, the Statistical Institute, and the OR Society. His research interests include traffic modelling and performance evaluation of broadband, high-speed networks, wireless multimedia communication. He is working in medium access control, congestion and flow control, routing, scheduling, optimal design methods, security and multimedia quality of service applied on wired, mobile and wireless networks. He also works in the area of ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing - communication, intelligent user interfaces, location based services and GIS, middleware architectures, multi-agent and web-service technologies, particularly applied in environmental pervasive systems.