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BARBARA WP7: Tele-diagnosis in plant diseases, R 2022/RACE II/EC

Objectives: BARBARA (A Broad Range of Community Based Telematic Applications in Rural Areas) project is an Advance Communication Experiment undertaken in the framework of the RACE II programme, with the principal objective of the realisation, by means of demonstration, operation, evaluation, and promotion, of a broad range services in different types of rural areas. Several experiments will be implemented in five EC countries, namely, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, and Greece. A common feature in each country is the introduction of the community tele-units, which will be developed, installed and operated in selected rural locations of all the involved countries.
WP07: Remote diagnosis of plant diseases', An Overview.
The purpose of the WP07 is to demonstrate and evaluate the use of a rural network for agricultural applications. In particular, the pilot will demonstrate the usability of an integrated multimedia information system for plant disease diagnosis and treatment prescription using advanced broadband communication services.

Support: RACE II/EC/DG.XIII, Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture.
Duration: 1992 - 1994.
Coordinator: Burie B.V - The Netherlands,
Highland Regional Counsil - Scotland.
Partners: The Netherlands, Scotland, UK, Greece. Irland, Portugal.
WP7 Coordinator: T. Tsiligiridis (Agricultural University of Athens).