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Research Projects

OpenCourses: Open Academic Courses at AUA.

Name of Initiative: An initiative in Agricultural e-learning.

Short Description: E-learning is becoming increasingly important for the competitive advantage of economic organizations and higher education institutions. Having identifying the various advantages of e-learning, the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) initiated a Learning Support Center (LSC), to which teachers can upload e-earning modules so that students would have free access to course related additional learning resources. The active participation of faculty members (creators) is a key determinant of the success of the action. However the general public as users of Open Courses may also be target audience. This audience includes students and graduates of the Institute, students interested in attending the Institute, graduates of other institutions, professionals and individuals who want to acquire new skills or update those acquired during their studies, local authorities and various professional groups. The public will be able to search for open courses of interest and has free access to educational content.
What has been the particular achievement/lessons learned?
1. Educational practice changes from a pedagogical approach closed, tightly controlled by the teacher, in an open, transparent, integrated in society, with parent and community involvement that supports students initiative society, facilitating collaboration, personal skills and lifelong learning.
2. Examination of e-learning quality characteristics, standards, criteria and indicators and possible presentation of a multi-criteria hybrid model for evaluating the quality of e-learning based on Analytic Hierarch Process (AHP) method, trend analysis and data comparison.

Management Authority:NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework)
Budget: 216.000,00
Duration: 36 months
Beneficiary: Agricultural University of Athens, Informatics Laboratory,
Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Theodore Tsiligiridis
URL: OpenAcademicCources