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Objectives: The main target of the program: Awareness Raising process Regarding Telematics (DART) in the framework of NATURA is to create interest in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and particularly in tele-education within the 35 European Agricultural University - Institutes of the NATURA network. Within the framework of NATURA one of the most important action is to propose and implement the European Virtual Agricultural and Veterinary Faculty.

Support: Telematics Applications Programme (TAP)/ลล/DGX.III
Duration: 1996-1997.
Coordinator: NATURA, Wageninken University
Nat. Coordinator: T. Tsiligiridis (Agricultural University of Athens)
Partners: Wageninken University (The Netherlands), Agropolis (France), Agricultural University of Athens (Hellas), Agronomique de Gembloux (Belgium), Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of (Denmark), Godollo University of Agricultural Sciences (Hungary)